Once again I was blessed to be able to speak to a full house at the Writing for Change Conference in San Francisco at the Kabuki hotel.

I guess even though I always pass out this blog address and login to my audience, no one comes and ” tries it out”.
I guess that is ok, since many of them now call me to help them set up a blog, which is even better.

When I started this, people were more scared of blogging and websites and now I am seeing much more
understanding and desire to learn and own one. Good for all of you.

In this day and age, everyone needs a web address.



Once again the SFWC has come and gone, and I will be spending months trying to actually do some of the things I learned and heard there. The conference was excellent as always, with a wide variety of topics and speakers to learn from.

My own session on “Opening your storefront in Cyberspace” was packed and the attendees were great!

I hope some of you have found your way here to post and see what a blog is all about. Please post and look around and enjoy yourself. For those of you who didn’t get the handout, (sorry about that, I did not expect quite that large of a turnout) here is the link to that.

Of course those of you who wanted a website, please contact me ASAP, I am already booked for the next few weeks, but I am fast, so lets get you on the calander. Check out my work here

See you next year or sooner I hope!

Linda Lee

Welcome Mills College Alumni!

I hope you enjoyed the session with Linda Lee, Joan Gelfand, and Martha Alderson.

Please write anything your heart desires.
You can credit yourself as the author or remain anonymous
if you like.
If you have website, please insert a link to your site.

But whatever you decide, just blog something! 🙂

Thank you

Linda Lee

Okay, here comes my test, I’m going to dip in my toe, here I go…

I dropped the kids at camp this morning to kick off the summer and now have 5 minutes to post. It’s a beautiful day, there’s a breeze coming in my window, I’m going to work at my desk, and take 15 minute breaks to run around the house and clean things up. Why is there always so much to clean up? I’m caffeinated. Bad or good? We shall see. My real project is to revise my novel so I can send it off to the agent who is interested in seeing the first 50 pages. I got his letter 6 weeks ago, so perhaps it is actually time to do it now!!! In this lifetime!!! I’m glad it’s summer. I have 2 hours left before I run back to pick up the kids again. I hope they are having fun and remembering to wear their hats. When I left the boy and the girl were both about to do ballet class, and then learn Spanish.


First Login  (don’t copy and paste, since this won’t work)

Next Go to New Post up on top there in the menu choices.

Create your masterpiece, ( or not!) and hit publish.

Then go to the view site, next to the name of the blog,  to see how it looks to have just published your thoughts or work online!

Feel great about your first blog post and keep going…

 Some extas…

To change the look of your blog, just go to Presentation, and look around, select one and double click it , and it will be instantly applied, go to view site and see how you like it.

 To add one of thousands of free layouts, go here

To install a new WordPress theme to your blog read the instructions on the Codex.

Other Theme Resources

There are many more themes in the world than we could ever list on this page. Here are some other places to go to find the theme that’s perfect for you:

Yesterday I invited all the participants of a writers workshop to log onto here and leave me a post.

 I gave them the login ID and password. So far no takers! Where are all you aspiring writers?……

As a writer, I can’t imagine anyone who writes not wanting to blog.

If you have found your way here, please write a post, (that is not a comment, but an actual post)

 To view your work, just look up next to the name of the blog here, “Try it Out” and it says “view site” click that and you can see what you just posted.

Like I was telling you all, feel free to change the themes and then view the different looks.

The way you do that is to go the “presentation” choice in the above menu, and when you are in there you can click any of the looks you like and wala, it is applied to the site.

I hope I get at least a few takers on my offer.

Well I guess you know what they say only 20% of the people do 80% of the work, so I guess if I get 4 people to come here and post, that would fit the odds!

Email me if you have any questions or need some help! Linda Lee

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Power of the group, or when like minded people gather.

I was privileged to be one of the speakers yesterday at an event hosted by the Women’s National Book Association San Francisco at the San Mateo Library. ( what lovely conference rooms they have). My topic was ” Getting Started Online, Putting Your Book on the Web” .

Im halfway done with my book “Smart Women, Stupid Computers” so to spend the day with a group of writers is always inspirational.
Joan Gelfand (see her latest book here) was very encouraging with me about not waiting to finish my book and to start pitching it now. She laughed as she said, “they will tell you change everything anyway, so don’t wait until your finished”.

What a wonderful supportive energy the attendees and speakers all had.

One of my favorite quotes is

“Nothing great was every produced in isolation” Yo-Yo Ma

This resonates within me, because I tend to isolate and burrow into my work inside my house, sitting in front of my computer. Which is fine in moderation and of course this is my career, but what I have learned as I have gotten older is I need people! Success is a team effort, and I need to join the team.

People want to help you succeed, you just need to open your heart and let them.

One of the other generous and wonderful authors I met, Martha Alderson, (Blockbuster Plots)  said something I think is profound, “Whatever you give away freely comes back to you multiplied many times”

When the writers panel was asked what they do to stay inspired, a desire to help others was part of what they all shared.

Teresa LeYung  http://www.lovemadeofheart.com/  who does career coaching for writing, said she feels like her mission is “pay it forward” and help others like she has been helped by fellow writers.

I would like to encourage anyone who is feeling discouraged or stuck in their writing to get out and join a organization like this that supports and encourages writers.


Find a writer support group in your area today, something magical happens when a group of like minded people come together, don’t miss out on your opportunity be loved and supported by fellow writers.

“As you grow older, you’ll fine the only things your regret are the things you didn’t do”

-Zachary Scott, 1914-1965, Actor

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